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^ Candy Rock Couture Knock off left, original KissMeKillme design right. ^

I’m posting this because not only is Ulala a amazing sweetheart, an incredibly talented designer, and I’m so thankful to have modeled for her, but ALSO because I know so many local models that work for Candy-Rock Couture here in NYC so I feel the obligation to share this.

"The owner of Candy-Rock Couture knows very well the heart skirt she sells under her name is not her own design.

We exchanged a few messages in the beginning of November 2011 and she admitted she had been “deeply inspired”.

In reality it is the copy of the old version of my “Magical Power of Sparkle Love” skirt of 2009 when it had 2layers… she saw pics of it worn by a French model.

This girl refuses to stop to sell the skirt. She shows a real disrespect and contempt for my work in carrying on to post my skirt everywhere and worst still, it has been published in magazines (Deadly Dessert Magazine and Gorgeous Freaks Magazine) and it does not seem to be a problem for her.

We, alternative fashion designers, photographers, make-up artists, models…should be united. Spending your days on internet to find good ideas to steal from passionate people is not inspiration that is just shameful.” - Ulala designer of Kiss Me Kill Me

As someone who has had plenty of her work ripped off… Spreading the word for Ulala because she’s amazing. *hugs* I’m sorry this is happening to you!

If you’ve got Candy Rock Couture added as a friend/like on Facebook, kindly unlike. The original designer asked kindly for Candy Rock to please credit her original design, but Candy Rock basically told her to shove it.

This designer does not deserve your money. Kiss me Kill me however, does. She’s worked so hard over the passed 7 years to make these beautiful ORIGINAL designs, and they’ve been worth every penny!

Wanna meet DJ Sisen?

Hey guys! I’ll be dancing for Roger Shackleford and DJ Sisen on September 13th for the Dread Eden Rave! Check out Anime USA and get your badges in if you want to see and maybe meet the legendary DJ.

Here’s some press:

- M a c h i n a

From Takuya Angel’s Facebook:

【Mononoke 3way Pouch】
Renew Belt! I took this photo at Atrtism Market in Tokyo. She got my new Mononoke Pouch.
Modelはオーダーしたヱンジェラーさん。Artism Marketにて撮影。新3Wayポーチは余った紐を写真の様に前で組み合わせが何通りもできるようになっています。

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